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Summer☆Pre! 2022

An original summer school where you can fully enjoy the summer at the Sky Garden!

A hands-on program that makes you want to use English naturally

​It is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if it is full, it will not be displayed at the time of application.

Sky Garden's original summer program "Summer Prix!" is coming again this year.

There is a Daily Theme activity that you can participate in by choosing a date.


★Field trip (going out on the school bus and playing in the water)

★Water-Play&Splash (dynamic play using water unique to summer)

★Bug Hunting (collecting and observing insects)

★Cooking *Lunch included

★Bon-Dance (Bon dance with local supporters, summer festival event!)

★Group Art & Science Art




2023年6月19日(月)午前11時から トップページにて開始

A Group    2 years old to kindergarten students

1st (Mon) Water-Play

2nd (Tue) Field trip

3rd (Wednesday) Bug Hunting

4th (Thursday) Water-Play

5th (Friday) Bug Hunting


8th (Mon) Special Bon-Dance Day

9th (Tue) Water Splash

10th (Wed) Closed

11th (Thursday) Closed

12th (Fri) Closed


15th (Mon) Water-Play

16th (Tue) Group Art

17th (Wed) Field trip

18th (Thursday) Water-Play

19th (Fri) Field trip


22nd (Mon) Science Art

23rd (Tue) Water-Play

24th (Wed) Water-Play

25th (Thursday) Field trip

26th (Fri) Water-Play


29th (Mon) Group Art

30th (Tue) Cooking *Lunch included

31st (Wednesday) Cooking *Lunch included

B Group    Elementary school students and above

1st (Mon) Bug Hunting

2nd (Tue) Water-Play

3rd (Wednesday) Bug Hunting

4th (Thursday) Field trip

5th (Fri) Water-Play


8th (Mon) Special Bon-Dance Day

9th (Tue) Water Splash

10th (Wed) Closed

11th (Thursday) Closed

12th (Fri) Closed


15th (Mon) Field trip

16th (Tue) Group Art

17th (Wed) Water-Play

18th (Thursday) Science Art

19th (Fri) Water-Play


22nd (Mon) Water-Play

23rd (Tue) Field trip

24th (Wed) Water-Play

25th (Thursday) Water-Play

26th (Fri) Field trip


29th (Mon) Group Art

30th (Tue) Cooking *Lunch included

31st (Wednesday) Cooking *Lunch included

About application

Acceptance has ended



1. Eligibility and participation fee

2 to 11 years old

★ Application fee 10,000 yen per person

★ 5,800 yen per day (3 days or more)

★Extended storage: 1,800 yen per day


2. Event period

★Monday, August 1, 2021 to Wednesday, August 31, 2021

Saturdays and Sundays, August 10th (Wednesday), August 11th (Thursday), and August 12th (Friday) will be closed days.


3. Application method and period

★From 9:00 am on Monday, June 20, 2022


4. Payment method

★Your application is complete once you have paid the application fee.

★Please transfer the participation fee when you receive the participation certificate.


5. About Cancellation, Change and Refund

★Please note that we cannot accept any changes after the participation certificate is issued.

★Regarding cancellation after the participation certificate is issued, due to securing seats and preparations,

The following cancellation charges will apply.

★After applying until 6:00 pm on Friday, July 15  : Cancellation fee 50%

★ After 6:00 PM on Friday, July 15, 2022, the day before the event, and the day of the event: 100% cancellation fee


6. Notes

★If payment cannot be confirmed, the order will be treated as cancelled.


7. Miscellaneous

★If you have siblings who are in a different group, please contact us regarding drop-off and pick-up times.


8. Extended childcare *separate application

*Can be extended up to 5:30PM after class ends

Bilingual teachers and creative English play

★Snack time and relaxing time

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