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Morning Programs
2-Year Old
AE Preschool Class

It is a four-year kindergarten program. The age and stage are different from normal Japanese kindergarten Pre Class.

During the 2-3 years old period called Sensitive Period when the foundation of children's learning ability is established, we will make use of the goodness of warm Japanese childcare and provide English language childcare. We nurture children who become friends with the earth and the world.

Based on the  concept of “English & LOHAS childcare,” we will incorporate eco-friendly awareness into our lessons. ★Preschool does not end at the age of 3, but it is a 4-year system up to seniors. If you spend all four years at AE, you will reach about 3000 hours of English immersion from preschool, and you will have an English base that will last a lifetime.

3-5 Year Old

AE Kindergarten Class

Global human resource development type English natural childcare 4-year class for young, middle and old ages.

This class is for children from 3 years old who are accustomed to an environment where there is plenty of English. The goal is to work on various activities on a daily basis and to step up their English skills, aiming to be a child who can communicate warmly as a Japanese and an international person, and who can speak English in a healthy and energetic way. And of course, there is also time for Japanese skills, which is necessary as a Japanese person. Children lively acquire English and lifestyle habits. The foundation of the global human resources mentioned in the national policy is in the pre-enrollment period.

After Programs

0-1 year old

Mommy & Me Class

Get used to a preschool calss with mom. 60 minutes spent in an English environment with preschool teachers in the preschool class room.

This is a parent-child English environment program for preschool entrance preparations. We have an English nursery school teacher together, so you can also consult about childcare. You can make irreplaceable friends from this class until you grow up.

3-5 Year Old

Kinder Activity Class

After class for kindergartens. Create an English ear in a full English immersion environment!

It is an advanced English immersion environment where children who know the joy of learning something in English and mastering the language at the same time can shine their eyes and develop their skills.

7 years old or more

Explorer Activity Class

After graduating from elementary school, you can come to the school for many years with peace of mind and enjoyment in a familiar environment with your favorite teacher!

The joy of learning English and making it your specialty is  an environment where you can continue to love English and be good at it. It is a class that makes communication in English even more fun and full of confidence, such as having fun talking using various contents, listening to what you don't understand, conveying what you understand, and presenting to everyone.

7 Year Old or More

Atlantis Robot Programming Class

When they become elementary school students, they will use their own personal computers and programmable robots to learn how to control software and hardware in the same environment as in the industrial world. School Papa becomes a teacher and makes the class what he wants to convey to the children.

12 Year Old or More

Junior High School & High School Class

For junior high school students and above, you can use your skill to challenge anything. We will have more challenges with using various contents. It is a class that overcomes weaknesses and leads to goals.

Private Class

Why don't you use your free time to take English lessons too?

You can freely take lessons for various purposes such as overseas travel and childcare English. The design of the curriculum is free, so it is ideal for children's private lessons.


Flow admissionistration


First, look at the Class Information and choose a class that suits your child. Please feel free to contact us.

Book a free trial lesson

Apply using the application form or contact us by phone. It is recommended that the trial period is about one month before the planned enrollment.

Trial lesson day

1 hour each class

(Free, you can observe the monitor in a separate room)

It's okay if you come with your family. Dad is also welcome to join us.

​trial enrollment

Please get along with your friends and teachers a lot in this month.

*Since this is a certified nursery school that meets the standards of Nagoya City, we ask  you apply the same rules and submit documents as for a regular enrollment, even if it is a trial for your convenience.

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