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school life

Sky Garden Preschool ~Osora no Ouchi~ is a small international preschool (English enviroment early childhood education facility) that opened in Kita-ku, Nagoya in 2006. It is located in the roof garden of Green Fellow, an “urban environmental symbiosis building”. It's like a small house.

As a supporter who believes in the talents of each child and develops them, I would like to help children become enthusiastic and motivated learners with a lot of love.  

Skills necessary to survive in modern society


Ability to think Abundant emotional expression

Self-solving ability Toughness Creativity
(Recently expressed as global human resources)


is nurtured by

spend plenty of time playing

in early childhood

A child care program in an English environment that supports the growth of children who will be responsible for the future, with programs according to the developmental stage of children based on the Creative Curriculum® from the United States, an advanced country in early childhood education, and environment settings based on areas of interest. 


[About educational methods]

We have adopted fun and easy-to-learn music from Teaching Strategies, a teaching know-how provider with the highest support in the United States, and Kimbo Educational, a music teaching material provider familiar to 3 million children in the United States. We will support you to create a “fun English childcare environment” at home, as a “school” where you can acquire creativity and international thinking, and more than that, “a place where people gather = another home”. We will help children learn with warmth.

[What Sky Garden aims for]

Sky Garden Preschool is neither an English school nor a training school for foreigners as you might imagine from the name of the school. We aim to teach people who know Japanese culture and nature, who value Japanese as their native language, and who can live in an English-speaking country without hindrance.
Until the age of 6, the amount of free play time without adult intervention enhances life problem-solving ability, and is an important period in which life power is determined. Theoretical learning is sufficient after the age of 6 when the developmental stage of the brain reaches that area. Problem-solving ability can be most expected to develop through active play in early childhood, so it is not the time to study that can be done later. Let's play a lot and learn a lot together in Sky Garden. Resources are everything around us, and the persona that can be graded and evaluated is too small an area.


The habit of continuing to learn and think you can find here.


[Things beyond the Sky Garden]

Become a global person. This idea has now been incorporated into school education, and from 2015, the spread of SGH (Super Global High School) and SSH (Super Science Hihg School) has finally begun.

In the academic charter announced by a famous university around 2000, there was a sentence to cultivate courageous intellectuals.

After that, when I realized that I was practicing the same goals from the same perspective as the university, I was proud of the height of Sky Garden's educational philosophy. 

Preschool Class Daily Schedule
One day in a 2-year-old preschool class

10:00     Coming to Sky Garden
          Getting Ready and Free Play

10:15     Morning Circle

11:00     Outdoor Activity

12:00     Lunch Time

12:45      Quiet Time

13:45     Creative Art Activity

14:20     Closing Circle

14:30     Pick Up Time


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