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Recruitment of kindergarten class students

Welcome to our Kindergarten Program

It is irreplaceable because it is preschool A lifelong English life experience

Excited! Let's become wonderful children full of the joy of living

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An open classroom environment with the scent of LOHAS wood

Our programs are based on the trusted American Creative Curriculum.

For children who have learned the most and have reached the time when their English is improving

It stimulates intellectual curiosity and guides students to “self-exploring and enthusiastic learners.”

In addition, in a family-like and blessed environment with a small number of people, you can listen and understand by interacting with foreign teachers without stress.

Develop your English and communication skills. It is a program that can be done because it is a young age of kindergarten.

I get the support of U.S. NO.1,

A program that promotes the healthy development of children both physically and mentally Incorporating  Creative Curriculum (R),This program is led by a native teacher.

● This is not an educational program for stuffing, memorizing, or taking exams.
● Child development modeled on preschools in the United States
We are doing a program that is in line with the health and fun.

● Literacy, phonics, various approaches to encourage output,There are also activities such as art crafts and fieldwork.
● We will set up joint time with other classes so that you can experience the joy of growing while feeling self-awareness as a leader in the mixed age.

We are looking for young class students for 2023.

For more details, please call us or request a document, and we will explain the details individually in the free trial lesson.

It's an important time to decide how to spend your child's irreplaceable time. I would like you to come to the trial lesson with your family and take a closer look.

Inquiries by phone

052-919-1195 To Fujine, the school manager

​Please use the button below to request materials.

​ Please click the button below to apply for a trial lesson.

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