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Sky Kids Racing Club​​

As a new initiative at Sky Garden Preschool, from Spring School 2022

Sky Kids Racing Club activities have started!

racing support

With the support of Kenichi Hasegawa, president of Buzz Factory Co., Ltd.,

“I want to convey the fun, splendor, and excitement of motor sports to as many children as possible!”

I sympathize with the philosophy of “cultivating world-class global players and human resources!”

I would like to create opportunities for many children to experience.


Club activities include Spring School and Winter School (planned)as part of an Activity in​I plan to go.

Children put on helmets and experience the racing course on a full-fledged kart.

I want to enjoy it with my family again, I want to experience it with my dad and mom,

For those who say, we are also showing you the sky family racing club. ​

We are planning to increase our activities in the future, so please look forward to it.

You can also aim to be an F1 driver!

The purpose of this club activity is to let many children experience it. First of all, it starts with experiencing and knowing the fun.

For children who want to see an actual fast kart or want to ride a kart, we can also guide you to lessons that you can experience more from the school. We have prepared a fulfilling environment for follow-up after that, so we will support you so that you can feel at ease even if you want to start but don't know what to do.

New HOT Experiment!

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