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Thank you for your interest in our home.

With the passion of my 4-year-old son, father and mother, and MAI, who studied English childcare in Canada, Sky Garden Preschool opened its rooftop garden Osora no Ouchi in April 2006.

Sky Garden is neither a cram school nor a training school for kids to be fluent in English.

We are a nursery that nurtures children who are independent and eager to learn and become friends with a nature and the world.

Based on the Creative Curriculum (R) early childhood education that has gained high support throughout the United States, it also incorporates original approaches such as Japanese four seasons and eco-approaching, as well as plenty of outdoor play and activities that move the body. We welcome your child as a pre-school (a place where you do what you want to do before going to school) so that you can spend your fulfilling time.


And the important keyword is LOHAS life, there is a small rooftop garden next to the classroom, where the children of each lesson sometimes plant seeds, water, and feel the joy of growing something throughout the year. I also know the providence of nature that sometimes fails and grieves. The building itself is in a great location, being the first Environmental Building, Green Fellow, built in Nagoya. You can spend your time feeling it all the time.

The whole Green Fellow Building is like one community and warmly watches over the children. I am sure that the children will realize that they will be recognized and loved by various adults during their time here.

There is A WISH

Only one in the world,

create an irreplaceable place for children


Don't be afraid to do what you want to do for your child, which was decided when the school opened. I have been sincere in making such a preschool. I want to convey this feeling to children and to their parents. With that in mind, we are still doing our best to support the healthy growth of children.

Please let us celebrate the growth of your precious child.

It's not just English, it's not just studying, it's imagination, ingenuity, physical strength, intelligence... The wisdom you need to live and the power not to lose even when you get frustrated. And increase communication skills that is so fun to be involved with people.

We would like to provide education that develops individuality and talents by thinking that all children are small people who are different from each other not like just one group of children.

What we are delivering is A wonderful early childhood education that is completed in collaboration with families. I would be very happy if you had the chance to come and see us.


Sky Garden Preschool

School Papa Takumi Kimura

Company Profile

company name

Hirotaka Seiki Co., Ltd.


June 1953

Company formation

June 19, 1980


10 million yen


Takumi Kimura

Business content

Pneumatic and hydraulic equipment (industrial machinery) design, manufacturing and sales


Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ozone Branch

UFJ Bank Ozone Branch

​UFJ Bank Nagoya Branch


main office

​5-89 Ikomacho, Kita Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

TEL: 052-991-6111

Tokyo Office

1-56-14 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo

Castle Shinkoiwa 207

TEL: 03-3651-4230

Education Division

Sky Garden Preschool

5-10-8 Shimizu, Kita Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Green Fellow Building 1F

​TEL: 052-919-1195

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