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A Great Experience



A wonderful English childcare that you will never forget from the age of 0.

Feel like family with teachers.

The only small international preschool in the world

Irreplaceable time for your child

We will watch over you warmly with a professional English childcare.

It is a childcare facility that meets the national standards of a licensed nursery school.

Licensed nursery school guidance and supervision standard certificate

has received the grant of

This is a kindergarten that is eligible for free childcare.










Kindergarten Class

​幼稚園クラス生 編入も受付中

Sky Kids Racing Club


Sky Family Racing Club



Welcome to Our School!


 You can learn the meaning of learning obediently until around 6 years old. At Sky Garden Preschool, we aim to be enthusiastic and motivated learners. Although English is one of the tools, I place importance on it, but rather than learning it, I use it as a matter of course in my daily life. Of course, I believe that my native language, Japanese, and Japanese culture are also important.

Being a fun and learning adult is easy until the age of 6. Such adults know well that knowledge is not the quantity but the usage, and that it is important to keep learning.

About 3-4 children per teacher!


Sky Garden Preschool is fully equipped with preparatory classes from 0 years old, 4-year kindergarten from 2 years old instead of kindergarten, and after-school programs for graduates. Enjoy every day in an English natural childcare environment that specializes in play and eliminates study. I will grow into a well-mannered global person with friendly English skills.


Mommy & Me Class

0 years old with mom! Now accepting free trial lessons

Children from 0 to 2 years old can take preschool preparation classes with their mothers♪ Parenting consultations and preschool preparation consultations are available with experienced nursery teachers, so mothers can feel at ease and have fun while making friends of the same age !

AE Kindergarten Preschool Class

2nd birthday~

Preschool class enjoy English play time!

Experienced English-speaking nursery teachers will warmly welcome you, including first-time separation, toilet training, and child-rearing in English.

By giving them a lot of various experiences, they will grow up to become independent children who can become friends from around the world.

AE Kindergarten Class

3 years old to preschool

Full of curiosity children from 3 to 6 years old when they learn the most and improve their English,

We will guide you to “self-exploring and enthusiastic learners”.

The foundation of the growing is founded from children's play time.

After Classes

Elementary school students to high school students, adults

You can go to school for a long time with peace of mind and enjoyment in a familiar environment with your favorite teacher!

“The joy of learning English and making it my specialty”

We will provide an environment where you can continue to love English and be good at it with us here.

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