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Summer☆Pre! 2022

An original summer school where you can fully enjoy the summer at the Sky Garden!

A hands-on program that makes you want to use English naturally

​It is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if it is full, it will not be displayed at the time of application.

Sky Garden's original summer program "Summer Prix!" is coming again this year.

There is a Daily Theme activity that you can participate in by choosing a date.


★Field trip (going out on the school bus and playing in the water)

★Water-Play&Splash (dynamic play using water unique to summer)

★Bug Hunting (collecting and observing insects)

★Cooking *Lunch included

★Bon-Dance (Bon dance with local supporters, summer festival event!)

★Group Art & Science Art




 11:00 a.m. ~12:00 a.m. (10:50ドアオープン)



 親子ペア 2,000円 (追加)子ども1人 1,000円 大人1,000円


【定 員】




 グリーンフェロービルとなり/ビル側7台 ※パーキングには限りがございます。



【内 容】


 ★暖かい火の側でStory Time( Native Teacher による絵本の読み聞かせ)






※キャンセル料については準備や他の申込みの都合もございますので前々日0% 前日・当日100%とさせていただきます。


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